July 4-8, 2017  

The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Ages 6-8

Surely there is more to life than eating honey and berries, and sleeping the winter away, right? One day, Da Bear decides to expand his horizons and journey up the mountain (to see what he could see, of course). But beware...what's lurking over there?   Come along and see what Da Bear and his animal buddies discover! View script here  Listen to Songs with vocals 1, 2, 3, 4 Music only 1, 2, 3, 4  

Ages 9-and up

In this exciting pop/rock musical, Roger Emerson uses a variety of musical styles to explore the feelings and frustrations experienced by today's teenagers. Self-respect, acceptance and creating one's own identity are all covered in this engaging thirty-minute production. View script here  Listen to Songs with vocals 1, 2, 3, 4  Music only 1, 2, 3,

Whole Group Dance Number

At the end of each week of Theatre Camp we do a whole group dance number, following performance of the plays, involving all of the kids from all three groups. This year we will be dancing to Katy Perry’s Roar. You can have a look at the video of the song here or by clicking the picture below and the lyrics to the song here. 

* In Triple Threat Theatre everyone is the star of the show.  All parts are generally equal and kids usually get the same number of lines to speak.  Except for some solo singing parts no one needs to audition.  Parts are usually assigned randomly but if there is a particular part you are interested in playing drop us a line and we will consider you for it.