A Novel Way to Gain More Exposure for Your Business

We’ve all seen minor league sports teams from hockey and football, to baseball and soccer, proudly donning their team jerseys. The donations of these jerseys go a long waytowards offsetting the cost for these youngsters to play in organized leagues and make them feel part of a team with a shared goal.

  The sponsor whose name is emblazoned on these uniforms has the satisfaction of helping a worthy cause as well as seeing her business being viewed in a positive light by many parents and spectators as supporting healthy, life- affirming, activities in our community

However there is a segment of kids in our community and others, whose participation in certain activities seems neglected by the business community.  Many view these activities as important as sports in the development of healthy, well rounded, kids; many would argue that they offer much more in terms of building character and giving kids the tools which will serve them well in the future.  These neglected activities are the arts: drama, dance, music, writing and art- any artistic endeavour where kids get to be free to use their innate imaginations to create and perform either for themselves or for an audience.  The arts have shown to bring so many positive benefits to anyone lucky enough to experience them. 

You might ask what would our world be like without sports for we have all had our own wonderful experiences as either participants or spectators to know that it would not be good one.  But what would a world without art be like?  We have all been affected by some form of art in our lives.  From a great book to a beautiful painting or a poignant play, to a piece of music or a song which moves us to our core- the arts affect us in so many ways; lucky the child who gets to experience the joy which involvement in the arts brings.  Just as our sports community need your support to function so does the usually neglected arts community. 

Here is your chance to get involved in something new, something novel: sponsoring the arts.  In this case sponsoring a time honoured local arts institution: Triple Threat Theatre


  • We have been offering theatre arts opportunities for youth in the area for the past 23 years. 
  • Hundreds of kids have been part of our Summer Musical Theatre program. 
  • Our educational mandate is that any child, regardless of experience, talent, or ability to pay may be part of our programs. 
  • We offer a range of programs from our Musical Theatre Camps and Improv Evenings to our school shows which deal with topical themes such as the environment and most recently bullying.   
  • Our social mandate has been to support those in need locally and abroad. 
  • We have actively contributed to Big Brothers, Rayjon Share Care, and Bluewater Health Foundation.  Internationally we have been involved in The Hunger Project and Plan Canada. 
  • Triple Threat Theatre currently sponsors four children through Plan Canada in various parts of the world. 
  • Since 2004 we have donated over$17,000 to worthy causes. 

HOW YOUR BUSINESS CAN BENEFIT                                                                                                 

  • Continually mentioning our sponsors any chance we get
  • Your business name and logo will appear on all forms of advertising and written material printed for Triple Threat Theatre.  This may include scripts the children will be using throughout our productions or T shirts printed for our various programs.  Any print ads would also include your business name.
  • You will have the satisfaction in knowing that up to 500 children and parents saw and heard your company name numerous times in relationship with Triple Threat Theatre and your generous support of the arts for children in Sarnia, Lambton.


  • Printing costs(Including promotional and advertising material) Estimated costs: $500
  • T shirts: (similar to a team uniform) each participant in any one of our camps will receive a t- shirt with the Triple Threat Theatre logo on it along with all of our sponsor’s logos.  Estimated cost: $1500
  • Marketing:  To help get the word out about our programs.  This would include direct mail marketing, print and radio advertisings.   Estimated costs: $1000
  • Any other monetary or in kind donation toward the cost of costumes, sets, cast parties, or treats for the participants. 


Donations to offset the cost of any of our three types of sponsorships may be made in monetary form or in kind. 

Bronze Sponsor:$100-300           Silver Sponsor:$ 400-600           Gold Sponsor: $700-1000

Platinum Sponsor:  $3000 (receive naming rights alongside Triple Threat Theatre for one year (Triple Threat Theatre is association with___________presents)

Please contact me to discuss where your business and ours may best benefit from your kind sponsorship of the arts.


Mike Czechowicz
Artistic  Director                                                                                                                           
Triple Threat Theatre
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