Triple Threat Theatre Goes to School

 The cast of The Bully Show:

Carole-Laurel McInnis;  Kyle- Jacob O’Grady;  Jessica- Kaela Koundakjian;  Vanessa- Vanessa Bucci;  Elizabeth- Kristin Palombo;  Johnny- Ben Robertson; Stage Manager-Brad Coleman; Director-Mike Czechowicz

The Bully Show!

The Bully Show! opens with the audience arriving at the live taping of the pilot episode of a new game show. Carole and Elizabeth along with Kyle, Jessica and Vanessa, the game show assistants, warm up the crowd and get them excited to see the show.

Johnny the game show host, however, has made some last minute changes to the show (to the surprise of the assistants) and the game show is now called "You Wanna Be a Bully." The audience members, who are chosen to become contestants, play games where they have to identify who could be a bully or which scenes show bullying.

As the game show progresses, Elizabeth tries to stand up for the contestants, but the host makes fun of her in order to entertain the crowd. Carole and the others are reluctant to interfere between Johnny and Elizabeth as tension rises. Eventually the host pushes Elizabeth too far and the whole game show grinds to a halt.

Carole stands up to Johnny and enlists the audience to help Johnny realize that he is a bully and that bullying is a serious problem. The Bully Show! hopes to challenge upper elementary students to reconsider some of their assumptions about bullies and victims, to realize some of the consequences of bullying, and to stimulate further discussions on this issue. It can be used as a great tool to uniquely augment the bullying programs already being led by school counselors and teachers.

The play is suited for grades 4 to 7.  Each teacher will have access to a teacher's package including lesson plans which cover expectations from the Ministry of Education which can be used before and after the play to promote discussion and gain deeper insight into the topic.  

To read a bit of the script go to http://www.dramaticpublishing.com/download/pdf/exBullyShowBC1.pdf.  

Performance Week - March 7 - 11, 2011. 

Reviews of The Bully Show!

 All of the students were very well prepared and their acting was great. One of my students, a participant, actually believed he had won on the "Game Show". It's a testament to the students acting.The play was very well suited and timely as we have been experiencing and addressing incidents of bullying at our school. It clearly showed what bullying is...something that the students were having trouble delineating.  I know that my class enjoyed the play immensely. When watching the audience, they were all engaged and particularly loved the interactive nature of the play. The humor was appropriate and the message was clear. All of my students indicated that they got the message.  The study guide was useful and blended quite well with what we were trying to get through to the kids. It also gave us some ideas for drama that may be used this year.

                John Cameron, Bridgeview Public School (Sarnia)

The students demonstrated convincing acting skills, particularly the host of the show and Kristen.  The students understood that being a bully was wrong and thoroughly enjoyed the show.  The students especially enjoyed the participation in the show.

               Linda Banovsky Grade 5/6- St. Anne (Sarnia)

The students in the show did an excellent job projecting and engaging their audience. Well done actors!  I think the kids really enjoyed the show and remained engaged throughout the performance, with the majority of students understanding the message. The show provides another opportunity for students to dialogue meaningfully with peers and teachers regarding the complexities and negative impact of bullying.

            Paul Garrett, Principal Bridgeview Public School (Sarnia) 

The students did a good job and portrayed their parts well.  I thought that Vanessa was particularly effective, as was Laurel. I think that a presentation about bullying is suitable for any age group.  The audience involvement was good and kept everyone interested.  I enjoyed the role of the game show host and the many different types of bullying that were portrayed by the actors.  I felt that the eyes of the students were opened to types of  bullying that they might not have been aware of.  Also, hopefully they realized that bullying does not just happen with children, but also with adults. 

             Christine Lambert, St Anne Catholic School (Sarnia) 

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Hello Mike,

Thank you very much for sending the photo and for the kind words.

What we did was a small part this. What you and your students did was much bigger.

Thank you for going out to send the message to the kids. They really need to be impacted and you doing your part helps out a lot.

Thanks Again For Everything

Olindo De Sena

ODS Printing

Hello Mike,  

Thank you very much for sending the photo and for the kind words.  What we did was a small part of this.  What you and your students did was much bigger.  Thank you for going out to send the message to the kids.  They really need to be impacted and you doing your part helps out a lot.  Thanks again for everything.

             Olindo De Sena, ODS Printing 


 I really enjoyed being a part of the Bully Show. We had a good cast and the rehersals were always lots of fun. The play itself was a real eye opener. All of those facts about bullying really surprised me. I loved that we got to work with the audience so much. Most of the schools were really enthusiastic and looked like they were having a lot of fun. I think that when we had a good audience, we preformed better. Overall, the experience was an enjoyable one.

                  Laurel McInnis (Carole in The Bully Show)