The Verdict is Out
Posted By:  Mr. C.  misio@xcelco.on.ca
Posted On:  2008-08-07 00:00:00   

Things kids and parents said about our 2008 Musical Theatre Camp!

"Lindsey really enjoyed the whole experience. She never complained about going and was singing the songs around the house all week."

"The girls had a great time and really enjoyed the dancing and the costumes."

"Great camp as usual! It's good to see the kids having so much fun."

"As usual the kids thoroughly enjoyed your camp and looked forward to comimg each day. Well done!"

"I find this program to be a very positive experience for the children. I appreciate all of the effort on the part of the staff/organizers. Thanks for a great beginning to summer."

"Great job once again! Keep up the wonderful work!"

"Zachary had a wonderful time!! Wouldn't change a thing. Good job, Well done!!"

"I like the candy draws. There isn't anything I don't like. I would like more games to be in theatre camp to improve it."

"My son enjoyed going on stage the most. He enjoyed the program and is very excited about going on stage. If he had to pick one thing that wasn't as fun he could only come up with singing in the library. (too much singing he said) Thanks for everything. You did a great job."

"I like Triple Threart Theatre because it teaches us things we can do in the future to get a job and I love the dancing, singing, and acting. Triple Threat Theatre is a fun, fun, thing to do."

"I thought your camp was awesome! Very organized, well run, and a lot of fun for the kids. Both my kids had a great time both weeks but they both preferred the 1st week's plays. This was a great experience for them. They will be back next year."